Smart Toilets Are The Most Popular In Smart Bathrooms

- Feb 07, 2018-

The domestic demand for sanitary products is the highest in Guangdong province, the second is Zhejiang, Fujian and other regions, of which the Guangdong province with 19% of the top ranked, this and Guangdong Zhongshan, Foshan is the country's largest bathroom industrial belt has an inseparable relationship; On the one hand, Foshan, Zhejiang Xiaoshan has a solid bathroom foundation, on the other hand it is economically developed provinces , people's consumption level is higher, the demand for intelligent bathroom is larger.

Modern people are enjoying the comfort and convenience of intelligent technology, and the shadow of intelligence has spread many corners of life. From the demand preference, intelligent bathroom is the consumer more interested in products, of which imported intelligent toilet accounted for the largest, to more than 50%, as the intelligent toilet with health, comfort, security, momentum, intelligence control, aesthetic advantage, become the object of consumer favor.

Although there have been many media reports reprinted the quality of domestic intelligent toilet is not worse than foreign brands, but the sales of the facts tell us that domestic smart bathroom competition pressure, heavy responsibilities.