Older People Need Smart Toilet Covers

- Feb 07, 2018-

After the age of the body in all aspects of the function will be reduced, the common elderly patients with physical weakening, legs and so on. In the use of conventional toilet, will affect the venous flow of the lower extremities, back to the heart of the blood reduction, after the toilet to stand up, easy to cause the brain transient blood shortage, and then appear in front of the black, and even suddenly fainted. So there are old people in the home, it is best to install smart toilet cover.

The intelligent toilet lid has the warm air drying function, eliminates the paper towel to wipe, avoids causes the hemorrhoids, the itching and so on discomfort, lets the old person healthier. At the same time, intelligent washing and warm wind drying, the elderly only need to sit on can be completed, do not need to squat after suddenly stand up, reduce the risk of accidents.

Many elderly people suffer from constipation and hold their breath when they are on the toilet. Faster heart rate may cause cerebral blood vessel rupture, serious cause cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral embolism, it is worrying, intelligent toilet cover in the elderly to go to toilet, can open massage function, play to massage sphincter, promote anus week blood circulation function, make the old people constipation problem to alleviate.