Intelligent Toilet Cover Cleaning Method

- Feb 07, 2018-

General Intelligent Toilet cover material is ABS material and clean resin material two kinds, so in the clean, do not use banana water, benzene, bleach and toilet cleaning agent, such as chemical reagents, so easy to make the shell discoloration or damage, in the cleaning time should not be soaked with water or rinse, because the content of the motor easily due to the two damage, There is even the danger of leakage.

In order to ensure the healthy use of the user, the intelligent toilet cover of the inlet is equipped with water screen, this is also the need for regular cleaning, clean water strainer should be closed before the inlet valve, with a screwdriver or coin in a counterclockwise direction to rotate the cover of the filter screen, you can remove the filter; After washing the net with water, install , then open the water supply valve that can be used normally.