The origin and application of intelligent toilet

- Feb 07, 2018-

The intelligent toilet originally used in the medical and the old age health care, the bidet function may effectively reduce all population's anus disease as well as female lower part bacterial infection, greatly reduces the gynecological disease and the anus bowel disease prevalence rate. Massage function different strength of water potential repeated role of netting wash parts, promote blood circulation, prevention of related diseases, especially for patients with constipation, with the role of promoting catharsis, the majority of intelligent toilets have joined the antibacterial design, that is, in the sitting ring using nano-silver antibacterial materials, bacteria can not survive, avoid cross-infection.

Traditional toilets are often attached to water tanks, long-term do not use will lead to bacterial breeding, endanger the health of their families, the current use of water-free intelligent toilet designed to provide direct access to private water purification and flushing system, to avoid the long-term use of water pollution caused by the situation, so that private wash and flush water can maintain high-quality water.