The benefits of installing smart toilet covers at home

- Feb 07, 2018-

Good smart toilet cover products in addition to the common clean thermostat function, also specifically for the different crowd design, such as for the design of special cleaning for women, so as to prevent bacteria, prevention of gynecological diseases, to help the function can make the water column through the anus to the rectum, can help and dissolve the stool, eliminate toxins, relieve constipation suffering, Synchronous through the strong and weak alternating current stimulation, can also promote the blood circulation of perianal skin, can do blood circulation massage, prevent hemorrhoids and other diseases occur.

Automatic drying function of intelligent toilet lid, can effectively remove the moisture in the lower body area, and play to promote blood circulation, dry and other energy efficiency, so that the elderly people in the home inconvenient to solve the problem, the child will be wiped clean after the problem has also been solved, there are girls physiological period, long-term constipation and other problems will not haunt us.