Smart toilet cover to focus on clean parts

- Feb 07, 2018-

Part One, the main body: according to the correct way to separate the seat ring and seat cover, can be thoroughly clean with contaminated parts, clean, with a soft cloth to wring dry water can wipe, do not use detergent or medicine to wipe, lest damage parts, clean, reload back.

Part Two, deodorant box: Remove smelly box and deodorant after the mouth, if there is still a bad smell, please replace deodorant; In addition to smelly boxes and deodorant suction mouth with dust, or other attachment, the amount of air inhaled will be reduced, can be used toothbrush or small brush cleaning dust.

Part Three, strainer: when there is dirt plugging into the water filtration network, may cause flushing water pressure is not enough, so to regular cleaning, as well as other parts of the intelligent toilet cover, in the cleaning should also pay attention to the details of various matters.