Intelligent Toilet Installation Steps

- Feb 07, 2018-

1, before the installation should check whether the sewage pipe unblocked and installation of the ground clean.

2, the matching seal ring installed in the toilet of the sewage mouth.

3, to determine the installation location of the toilet, the toilet (sewage mouth) at the mouth of the pipeline slowly put down, adjust the correct position, and then (with chalk or whiteboard pen) in the toilet around the mark line, and determine the installation hole.

4. To hit the installation hole. Aiming at the mark hole of the foundation screws, the mounting hole (10mm in diameter and 60mm in depth) with the impact drill is mounted, and the expansion rubber nails are loaded.

5, in the marking line inside the glass glue.

6, aiming at the installation hole and around the glass glue installed on the toilet, slowly downward pressure until the level.

7, in the toilet and ground connection place to hit the glass glue, and trim around to ensure beautiful.

8. Installation of anchor screws.

9. Connect the inlet pipe to check if the filter is installed.

10, clean ground and tools, prohibit the immediate use (glass gel curing generally need 24 hours), keep the toilet around 24 hours without contact with water.