Install smart toilet Cover Dimensions Note

- Feb 07, 2018-

Intelligent toilet cover as a new era of products to some extent to make our lives more convenient, especially for some inconvenient people, smart toilet cover products are a good solution to worry about, compared to the traditional toilet, but also more healthy, but in the purchase of smart toilet cover products, pay attention to the size of their own toilet, Also pay attention to the installation method.

Many people do not understand the size of the toilet lid and toilet before the error, like a toilet on the installation of the hole and the distance between the seat has a certain requirement, generally the distance between this is less than 7cm, and two of the distance between the installation of the hole should be around 15cm, in the installation process, first remove the toilet cover of the body fixed plate, Then the fixing plate is fixed with screws and the toilet cover is pressed and fixed.

After installation, power debugging. The first use is to make warm water, and then through the internal heating device heating cold, in the bathroom in advance for the intelligent toilet cover reserved special water pipe, rather than the use of recycled water filtration treatment.