Analysis of the popularization of intelligent toilet

- Feb 07, 2018-

Japanese companies 1964 years to develop intelligent toilet cover, the product 1988 market, after more than 20 years, now the Japanese family's intelligent toilet cover penetration rate reached 95%, but China's domestic smart toilet cover of less than 3% penetration.

The low prevalence of smart toilet in China is mainly due to the fact that its price is more expensive and people's attitudes have not changed. A survey on the consumption of smart toilet shows that 62% of people say they do not understand the smart toilet, 72% said they will still choose the ordinary toilet, for "do not choose the reason for smart toilet", 45% said that because prices were too high, 13.7% said they were not accustomed to using such products.

In addition to price factors, the impact of the smart toilet sales of another important factor is the concept of people, for a long time, the majority of Americans have the habit of using toilet paper, if there is no special needs, I am afraid that people can not accept the toilet after the use of water, and the concept does not change The sales of smart toilet seats are doomed to be no big improvement.